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KB4劍橋國際少兒英語四年級練習題 KB4劍橋國際少兒英語四年級練習題 KB4劍橋國際少兒英語四年級練習題 劍橋四年級測試題 U1--2 一、英漢互譯(每詞 1 分,短語 2 分) 數學 俱樂部  教師 無聊的  農民 認真的  醫生 困難的  ___ 睡醒  younger cousin  照相 be busy with  talking to  get dressed  __ 下學后  在深夜  彈鋼琴 二、找出不一樣種類的單詞。 ( ) ( )2.  (10) (  ) 3. A. doctor  D. farmer (  ) 4 . (  ) 5. 三、選擇最正確答案。 (15) 1. It ’s a place _____________we can swim. A. where B. who C. what D. whose 2 Is this your pen? __ ______. A. Yes, she isn ’t B. No, he isn ’t C. Yes, it is. D. No, she is. 3 He is the man ______________ works on a big farm. A. Who B. Where C. What D. Whose 4 I have a shower_________ I get dressed. A before. B. after C. behind. 5 She ______________ like watching TV.. A. is B. doesn ’ t C. don ’ t D. has Has she got long blonde hair? _________ A Yes, it is. B. Yes, she has. C. Yes, I am 7..She is always careful _________her homework. A. to B. and you tell me_______ the picnic thief? A. to B. and 9. Can you play the guitar? No, I _______. A. can B. can ’t  C. don’t 10. Where are my maths books? I can ’ t _______them . A. find B. look 四、選詞填空 (10 分 ) 。 Football sunglasses wors at coat teacher comic 1. It ’ s a book that tells stories .___________ 2. This is a person who works at  C. watch It ’ s a sport that is between two teams. ____________ You wear it to protect your eyes when the sun is It ’ s a subject that teaches students to paint. _______________ 五、 連詞成句( 10) the girl \is \drinking \who's\ orange juice\she they \the girls\ pink dresses\ are wearing\who\are \is\ when\he\writing\is\he. 28 children\are\in\there\my\class. \classroom\the\we\is\learn 六、閱讀理解( 10) Tomand his friend are playing in the park. They often fly kites when it ’ s sunny and windy on Sunday. Tom is the boy who is wearing a blue T-shirt. Bob is the boy who has got short black hair. Tom ’ s kite is bigger than Bob’ s kite. And Tom is good at flying kites. Now his kite is higher than Bob’s kite. Bob’s football is better than Tom’ s, and his favorite sport is football. ( )