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other專題練習題附 other專題練習題附 other專題練習題附 Other 專題練習題 一、選擇題 1. Who ____ can you see A. other B. the other C. others D. else 2. I have two cats. One is black, and ____ is white. A. another B. some C. other D. the other 3. I don't like the apple. Can you give me ________ apple A. other B. others C. another D. the other 答案: DDC 二、選詞填空( other , another , the other the others , others ) I have three daughters. One is a nurse, _____ is a teacher and the third is a worker. Don't walk on this side of the road, walk on _____. This chemical is poisonous. _____ are poisonous, too. I have two pens. One is blue. _____ is black. They are very different from one _____ . This dictionary is better than _____ . 答案: 1. another 2. the other 3. The others 4. The other 5. Another 6. the others 三、選詞填空( other 、 another 、 the other 、 others 、 the others ) Do you read any _______ novels Would you like _______ cup of tea She has two sons. One is in America, and________ lives with her. Some like singing, _______ prefer dancing. I have three daughters. One is a nurse, another is a teacher and________ is a worker. Two boys will go to the zoo and ______ will stay at home. Put it in your ________ hand. He has two daughters. One is a nurse, _______ is a worker. On _______ side of the street , there is a tall tree. Mary is much taller than _________ girls. He lives on_________ side of the river. Some of us like singing and dancing, ________ go in for sports. Give me some _______, please. There are no _______. Ask some_________ people. I don ’ t like this one. Please show me________. Do you have any _______ question(s) 18. Will you show me _____I don ’t like its color. She has two computers. One is IBM PC 386 and _____ is IBM PC 586. Tom runs faster than any ______ student in his class. The students have English, Chinese, math , biology and many _____ subjects. Why are only three of you here in the classroomWhere are______ My classmates come from different parts of the country. S